The Best Converter Desks

Standing desk converters are the things you set up on your existing desk that turn your desk into a desk that you can stand up at to work. Converters are sometimes called, desk risers.

After doing a lot of research I decided I did not like the standing desk converter option. To me, they look like clutter on my desk. But you may be looking at this as an option if your desk is very heavy to move or you can’t get rid of your current desk in place of a new standing desk.

What to look for in a standing desk converter

There are some very large converters and smaller ones. You are going to want to measure your desk to make sure the converter to your desk that you buy fits on your desk.

Don’t get one that hangs over your desk because that can tip over and you will not be happy if your laptop falls on the floor from that height.

There are converters or desk risers that have one to two levels to ones with many different levels and platforms to use.

  • Sturdy and not wobbly
  • Straight up and down movement
  • Comfortable for your height
  • Good reviews
  • Warranty on the standing desk converter
  • Make sure it fits your desk
  • Check the sitting height too

Top Standing Desk Converters to Consider

  • FlexiSpot Standing Desk – 47 Inch Wide Platform Stand Up Desk Rise ( Click here for current price on Amazon)- This one gets my vote for design. It is also rises and lowers vertically so saves space and I feel it is safer as it should not topple towards you like outward rising may do. It can hold two monitors.
  • SONGMICS Bamboo Standing desk or Stand Riser ( click to see current price on Amazon) – if you are looking for a natural wood tone and color, this bamboo riser is the only one I found that actually looks like wood. This desk riser has a very natural look. I don’t think this one is going to work if you are mainly using a laptop because the shelf is too small for the one you would need to use. It may work for a desktop monitor on the top shelf and a keyboard on the first shelf.
  • Stand Steady Standing Desk X-Elite Standing Desk | X-Elite Pro ( Click to see current price on Amazon) Version- this one comes in several different colors. If you are looking for a desk riser to match your desk more, this will be what you will want to look at. It is the most simple of the options too and that is why I would choose this one over many others. It is very reasonably priced. If you don’t want to have to assemble anything, this is the one. One piece! Super easy!
  • TaoTronics 24” Stand Up Desk Converter for 13″-17″ Laptop ( click here to check the current price on Amazon). This one is perfect if you are searching for a white desk option. It is also very small and convenient. Note that it only fits a laptop. The surface is small.
  • VARIDESK – Height-Adjustable Standing Desk – Pro Plus 36 ( click here for the current price on Amazon). This is the popular black standing desk converter. If you have 2 monitors, and your keyboard, etc, this is going to be your choice. It is known for its ergonomic features and design. It is a two tier design. The Varidesk also has a patented spring loaded lift. It is easy on your back.

More on Choosing the Right Standing Desk Converter For You

The most important thing you want to consider is the height of your desk and then add in the height of your converter for your desk. Make sure you are using the correct height measurements for your height.

Remember that standing desk converters have weight limits. Don’t ever put more on your converter than what the manufacturer says it can handle.

If you have children running around near your desk, you may want to reconsider getting a standing desk converter because they are not affixed to your desk. They sit on top of your desk. The smaller desk risers are not going to work, they are too light to withstand a run in from your littles.

Take all these things into consideration when you are choosing a standing desk converter to buy.