My Favorite Stand Up Desks

Are you thinking about buying a stand up desk, some people call them, sit-stand desks or standing desks. After a ton of research and testing out many different styles and options, here are the ones I recommend. Your decision will also be based on what you have set aside in your budget for your ergonomic style work desk.

The biggest different in pricing is between the manual cranking stand up desks and the electric or air powered desks. In order for your desk to raise and lower, you need some sort of mechanism to make that happen. All of my favorites ended up being the desks that you can raise and lower throughout your day.

These are the top 5 Stand Up Desks

VIVO White Electric Height Adjustable Stand Up Desk Frame, Workstation with 63 inch Top ( click to check current price on Amazon). This is a sit- stand desk. You can sit down or stand up. Of course, you need to be doing both during your work day. This one is great if you are looking for a longer top. I need as much work space as I can get.

Pneumatic Adjustable Height Standing Desk 48″, White Frame/Birch Top (click to check current price on Amazon). This desk has a different lifting mechanism. It is a pneumatic lifter. It seems to be powered by air. It is not an electric or manual crank.

Flexispot Electric Stand Up Desk Workstation with Desktop, 48 Inch (click to check current price on Amazon). I like this one because it is easy for you to put together, move around, and handle. Note: the electric powered cranks do make a bit of noise, about the noise of a blender making a smoothie.

DEVAISE Adjustable Height Standing Desk 55 Inch with Crank Handle ( click to check current price on Amazon). This size I like the best. The 48 inches are a little small for me, but may be perfect for you. This is the only desk I liked that has a manual crank handle to lift the desk.

Jarvis Standing 48 inch Desk Bamboo Top – Electric Adjustable Height Sit Stand Desk ( click to check current price on Amazon). If you like bamboo and wood, this is the best option. Jarvis offers several different sizes and 2 different leg color options.

Why I picked the DEVAISE 55 inch with the crank handle

When I compared these desks and tried them at different locations;

  • I decided that the 48″ desks are too small. 55″ is just right.
  • The crank handle is quieter and I work when people at home are sleeping most of the time.
  • I will have another desk area for my projects I need to do while sitting down so most of the time, the desk will be in the standing position.

Features To Look for in a Sit-Stand Desk:

  • Work Space- make sure it is made of quality construction
  • Solid steel frame
  • Check the warranties
  • Correct weight capacity
  • Easy to assemble

Make sure when you are checking prices for the desks that you make sure it it the entire desk you are getting a price on. I noticed there were great prices on some of the styles I was interested in, but they were just the base of the desk. That means, just the legs and power mount. It did not come with the table part of the desk.

Another thing to check is the size of the desk. Take measurements where you want your standing desk to go. Make sure you buy a desk that will fit in that space.

Remember to check the weight restrictions on the standing desk you want to buy because there is a limit to how much the electric powered lift can lift. Also, the more weight you have on your desk, the slower the desk will rise to the standing position.

When you are not lifting your desk, you can have a lot more weight on the tables.

I think the biggest decision you need to make is about whether you want the:

  • Electric powered lift
  • Manual Crank lift
  • Air Powered lift

The electric powered lift is going to tend to be more expensive than the others. The manual crank is most likely going to be your least expensive choice.

About Sit-Stand Desks

Sit-stand desks are also called, Standing desks and Stand-Up desks. If you are looking at keeping your own sitting desk but want to stand up while working you can buy a converter desk, or desk-riser as they are also called.

Sit-stand desks give you the option of sitting at your desk or standing. It is recommended that you do both. It is not good for you to sit all day at a desk working nor is it ok to stand all day working. Find a good balance. Listen to your body. Discuss this with your doctor if you have health issues.