Products to Increase Your Productivity At Work

Now that you have your sit-stand desk, standing desk, stand-up desk, or converter desk take a moment to congratulate yourself for taking a big step to being more productive in your work space.

The next step is to get some products that will help you increase your productivity even more.

My favorite productivity hack is using the Pomodoro technique. It is free to learn the process of using the Pomodoro technique. Francesco Cirillo is the founder of the Pomodoro Technique™ . You can learn more about it here. He does also sell some courses on using his technique.

It is a time blocking system working in 25 minute blocks of time and adding in break times after four sessions of 25 minutes. In between them you do a 5 minute break. This article is not going to go into all the details. I love this method of time blocking for projects. You can get a free Pomodoro ticking clock for your computer but I LOVE my Pomodoro ( pomodoro is tomato in Italian) tomato timer. Here it is on Amazon.

Bullet Journals or the Passion Planner. I have used both. For me, I like the bullet journal system the best. I used The Passion Planner for years, click here to see it on Amazon. I only used my passion planners for my business goals and tasks. I did not journal in it. I discovered bullet journaling this past year and found out I could do both my planning and my journaling all in one place. I am like totally addicted! Bullet journals on Amazon, have some of the best prices.

Time blocking. I do a lot of my projects with time blocking. I also work hard to stay in my ‘zone of genius’ and delegate things I am not good at and that I do not like to do.

Read these two books to learn about building your business around your life and not your life around your business.

Clockwork by Mike Michalowicz- Amazon link

Free To Focus by Michael Hyatt – Amazon link

Those two books changed my mental approach to business. These books also helped me to get better organized and delegate more often. My business has gone through a transformation and I am closer to reaching my goals.

There are a lot more things to cover on this topic. I will share more through my blog on this website and you can also go to my YouTube channel to learn productivity hacks to implement into your business and life.