Desk Accessories You Can’t Work Without

You just can not have a desk without accessories! That would quite boring. But you also don’t want your standing desk to be too cluttered.

For sit-stand desks that are raised with a mechanism such as an electric life, air lift or manual crank remember that these kinds of desks can not support a lot of weight.

Keep heavy things other than your monitors off your standing desk and your sit stand desks.

I have several things on my desks and on the wall next to my desks:

  • My vision boards – having a vision board helps me to keep my eye on my goals and dreams.
  • My Pomodoro timer! I can’t work on projects without this! You can get yours on Amazon or google Pomodoro technique and get it directly from the producer of this amazing time management system.
  • Frame with my children or grandchildren in the photo, to remind me of my why.
  • Happy Cats! I don’t have a desk ( I have several desks and project tables in my home) without happy cats. Click here for current pricing on the Happy Cats on Amazon that I adore.
  • My bullet journal
  • Trash basket – that is a must to keep clutter down, if there is no place for the item, it is trashed or donated!
  • Next to my desk I like to have an organizing system, so I use these: Click here to find it on Amazon
  • My briefcase with wheels- I keep this near me so it is easy to pick up when I travel. Everything is right where it needs to be, easy to take out and put back in, saving me a lot of time not having to hunt for things or forgetting where they are. Click here to find the one I use on Amazon.
  • Bulletin Boards – I love to have these on the walls next to my desk. I use these for vision board images, photos of the kids, affirmations, and the like. Here are some on Amazon you can choose from.
  • Crystals- I like to have my clear crystals on my desk. These help to clear the negative energy. I keep them right next to my computers. Check the prices on Amazon.
  • Healing stones – I use the ones that help to deal with worry. I tend to worry. Worrying is a bad habit I am working on breaking. It does no good to me or my business to worry. It is wasted energy. Check the prices on Amazon for healing stones.
  • My covenant path poster of the Provo Utah city center Temple. This is my favorite Temple and having it in front of me keeps my eye and heart in the right place.